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Pio Antequerano, delicious, healthy, original and 100% Andalusian

Exquisite and easily prepared cod salad, from Al Sur del Sur

Reme is a passionate cook and popular blogger from Málaga. On her website AlSurdelSur ('at the south of the south') and on her Facebook page, Reme presents countless recipes, some purely traditional, some adapted and finally others totally innovative, all using products from her region as main item.
The salad presented here in truly delicious, original, healthy and very easy to prepare… when you have Reme's instructions!

Winter is the season of citrusses, and Andalucia produces some of the tastiest oranges that exist. This salad resembles a lot the ensalada malgueña (salad from Málaga), the remohón of Totalán, and the arriera of Torrox. The main difference is that there are no potatoes and it uses more cod.

300 grs. of salted cod
2 scallions
2 oranges
Andalusian 'aloreñas' olives
1 egg
extra virgin olive oil

Desalt the cod for 24 hours, changing the water a couple of times. For a salad it doesn't need to be too much desalted.
With a blowtorch you can give it a smoky touch. Crumble it.
Chop the scallions.

Peal the oranges and take out the segments.

In a bowl, squeeze the rest of the orange, to be used for the dressing.
In the bowl with the juice, add vinegar and oil. Emulsify.

Slice the eggs.

The last thing is to mount the salad, season it and enjoy!
You might notice that salt does not appear anywhere here; the cod providing quite enough of it.



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