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Playa del Cañuelo: is it the rising star?

From unknown to 'best beach of the Costa del Sol' and how to manage with a rising popularity.


If, like myself, you know Playa del Cañuelo for long enough to have seen it without an access road, you also know that it was then most of the time wild and empty. In the busiest time of the summer, there would hardly be more that 4 or 5 families or couples at the same time of this 400m immaculate sand and pebble nature beach.
Letting cars drive down there directly, about 20 years ago, changed it all.

Since then the popularity of the 400m wide sand and pebble beach hasn't ceased to grow. Today plenty of sites praise its unique views, crystal clear waters, abundant underwater life visible, from the shore, and good services. Some of them go as far as calling Playa del Cañuelo 'Costa del Sol's best beach'. Under this post you will find a list of reviews and articles giving many points of views.

The fact is that, while Playa del Cañuelo deserves really much of this praise, the beach needs to manage the growing success in a way they preserves what people precisely like there: the calm, nature, clean waters, sea & land fauna and presence of minimal services (restaurants, lounge chairs) instead of any ostentatious commercial installations.

In the middle of high season, 'dealing with popularity'

Just after the first private road opened, traffic to the beach started to increase. At some point around 2001 you would see of busy summer weekends several rows of cars, sue stationed almost by the water. It happened that drivers would fight - literally - over a parking place. Visitors who would be unlucky to get a place down there would leave there vehicles up to several hundreds of meters up the playa.
In that time, in the winter, the beach would be populated by groups of truck and vans, from so-called 'alternative travelers' coming from northern countries most of the time. The constant degradation of the landscape prompted authorities to emit a restriction for motorized vehicles, limiting them for local owners and service providers. For the public, two shuttle busses alternate in high season to bring the public to the beach, for 1 or 2 Euros.

So far Playa del Cañuelo does cope quite well with the growing fame: even in the heat of the summer, the water stays the same crystalline, and once everyone has left the place, that is around 8.00pm, the beach becomes again a spot of ultimate quietness and silence.


Rentals properties on Playa del Cañuelo








West view in September

Still private, most of the time

Still wild, most of the time

The view from the N-340

Surrounding secluded creeks

Surrounding secluded creeks

Tropical 'triggerfish', spotted just by the shore (totally harmless!)

Winter views

Winter views in green


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