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From a house to a website to a blog: a full itinerary

From renting one house to setting a website, and then a blog. The full itinerary of a special journey

After years of managing house rental in Andalucia, it felt like it was time to start communicating on a new level, beyond just emails back and forth. Time to share more with those who kindly trust us in providing them with the good holiday they have been working hard for. A page like this one is just the place for that. Here, one can tell things that don't come normally in a website, small things, big things, insights or funny things that happen when you rent houses. And then interesting or surprising things about this region, that you might not hear elsewhere.

Setting up this page is also an opportunity to have a look back at a very enjoyable time, and to realize how great of a privilege it is to deal with this very unique region of the world. We are speaking of Spain, of Andalucia, and more specifically of a portion of coast line, south of Granada and east of Málaga. An area stretching roughly from Torrox to Salobreña and covering a number of towns, villages and countryside around them.

One might ask: why this place in particular? Because that is an area we do know well. We know the resources, we know the inhabitants, the well and less well known details. And we believe it is a very special region, with something you won't find elsewhere.

Where else in fact do you get such a fine tuned combination of wonderful climate, gorgeous landscapes, abundant unspoiled nature and great range of services? Where else, in Europe at least, would anyone like to be at any time of the year?
And if you add to this all, the food, the history and the great access infrastructure, you'll understand that we are dealing with a sort of ideal set of factors.

The another reason why our activity is so enriching, is that we are able to deal from the inside, being part of the place and the people. Practically speaking, Aquavia started with the rental of one sole house. When demand started increasing, more properties had to be offered, which was not difficult when you have many friends in the place. Then together with the growth of the offer, more owners joined, every of them having some personal link, as relative, friend or just good neighbor of another advertising owner. This gave to our work relation a very special character: one of reliability and commitment.

With time, the internet presence started to attract proposals from elsewhere in Andalucia and even Spain. Although the temptation was strong to start expanding geographically, we decided to stay focussed and small - in area - but big in service.

And finally you have the visitors, the users.
Typically, someone renting a house in Nerja, Frigiliana or El Cerval does not come to have just sun and sangria - although he can have plenty of that. Our visitors are quite often people driven by a form of curiosity and desire to look beyond the crowded touristic centers. They often have already a true passion for Andalusian land and culture. And when an Andalucia passionate meets an Andalusian, you have lots of positive passion in the air!
This way, as certain customers tend to repeat visiting the same house over the years, they are becoming friends and part of the family at large of the owner.

Hopefully, some of this 'positive passion' will be felt through our pages and will make you feel like coming as well, if you haven't done that yet!

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